Change Attached PDF

After the PDF is attached to the product the option to change it will appear on product edit/add screen. To change the attached PDF file please go to Products and find the product for which you want to change a PDF file. On the product edit/add screen find the attributes box where the PDF is attached. […]

Download Attached PDF from Admin

After the PDF is attached to the product the PDF icon will show not only on front-end but also in admin on product edit/add screen. This way you can quickly check what file is attached to the product. Click on the PDF icon to download attached PDF file. The download will start immediately or the […]

Download Attached PDF from Product Page

When the PDF is attached to the product it will be available to dwonload from the product page on front-end. The download link is placed under the PDF icon under the short description along with price and shipping options (if enabled). To download a PDF click on Attached PDF icon. The download will start immediately […]

Attach PDF to Product

The simple way to attach any PDF file to any product is to use the upload PDF feature in attributes box on product add/edit page. To attach a PDF file to the selected product please go to Products and find the product to which you want to attach the PDF file. On the product edit/add […]

Order Products by Price

Ordering products by price is as simple as swiching a radio button. To do it please go to Product Settings. On the general settings you will find Product Order section. To enable by price order just swich to Sort by Highest Price or Sort by Lowest Price option. That’s it!

Custom Product Sorting

Use Product Order Priority box on product edit/add page to sort eCommerce Product Catalogs products in custom order. By default it is located under product shipping box. The order priority box is a simple way to set the products order in product catalogs pages. The priority works for all products listings, even those created with […]

How the Order Confirmation Email Looks Like?

The eCommerce Product Catalog order confirmation email has the same data as configured for the order form. See the Notification / Confirmation email example: The same notification is sent to the customer and to the eCommerce Product Catalog admin email set in order form settings. The only element that differs is the email sender name […]

Configure Email Notifications Settings

The order notifications settings are located in Product Settings > Order Form (at the bottom). These settngs allow you to define the notification emails for customer and for eCommerce Product Catalog administrator. Order notification email The order notification email is the email address where you will be getting the order notifications. In the other words when […]

Order Form Button Customisation

The order form buy button settings are located at Product Settings > Order Form. This is the third section inside order form settings. The buy button has multiple customisation options. It can be customised in any way you would imagine. Order Button Text The button text setting is used for HTML button and URL button. […]