Add custom product to the inquiry

This feature is a part of Quote Cart PRO. Click here to see all Quote Cart PRO features.

To enable the option to send inquiries for custom products, go to Catalog Settings > Quote Cart and select the Custom Quote Form Page. It is located at the bottom of the Quote Form settings:

Custom Quote Form Page

Once enabled, you will see the special order request button on the bottom of the cart page:

Special order request button in cart When you click on the Add SKU or special order request button, you will see the following box:

Special order request input box in cart

Before adding a custom product to the cart, the user can still search for a product in your catalog (if you have the SKU functionality enabled).

The product will be added to the cart if the exact match is found on the SKU or description.

If nothing is found, it will redirect the user to the Special Order Request form page selected in Quote Cart settings.

Use the following shortcode to display the Special Order Request form:


The form looks like this:

Special Order Request Form

You can add the following:

  • Product website URL
  • Product description or name
  • Requested quantity

Once added, it will appear in the cart:

Non listed product in cart

The customer can still adjust the quantity or remove the product.

You can add an unlimited number of custom products to the cart.