Product Catalogs Admin Screens

This feature is a part of Smart Multiple Catalogs. Click here to see all Smart Multiple Catalogs features.

Every product catalog enabled will have separate admin screen and menu. Lets say that we enabled two additional catalogs: Flowers and T-Shirts.

Now we will have three catalogs:

  1. The default catalog where we will have a mix of all kinds of products
  2. Flowers catalog where we put only our flowers
  3. T-Shirts catalog where we put only t-shirts

Apart of default admin screen where all products will apear apart of those added to Flowers catalog and T-Shirts catalog we will have now two additional screens.

The Flowers catalog admin screen:

Flowers Catalog Example Admin Screen

The T-Shirts catalog admin screen:

T-Shirts Catalog Admin Screen Example

Each screen has a Add New Product button which allows to add a product into a catalog.

Use it to separate groups of completely different products. Or even separate products from services.