Order Form Tax

This feature is a part of Single Product Order Form. Click here to see all Single Product Order Form features.

The Order Form tax configuration settings are located in Products > Settings inside the Payment and Currency section (on the bottom).


Set Order Form Checkout Tax Rate

The order form checkout tax rate can be set inside Tax Rate field. Change the value from 0 to any positive percentage to apply checkout tax. Tax calculation is disabled if tax is set to zero.

The tax will be calculated as a percentage of product price total multiplied by ordered quantity: order_total * tax_rate.

You can check the Tax is already included in price checkbox if you enter the product prices with tax already applied. In such case the tax calculation will be: order_total – (order_total / (1 + tax_rate)).

Tax round

The tax round feature is there to help tax implementation in various countries. Set the tax round according to your country regulations. E.g. set tax round setting to 1 to round the tax to whole dollar.

Tax Label

The default tax label is Tax. Change it to any desired tax label e.g. VAT.

Limit tax to certain order form field values

You can limit the tax to any order form checkout drop-down value. Lets say you need the tax applied only to certain state. In such case select State field inside Limit order form tax to field.

Order Form Checkout Tax Limit

Now the State values field will appear. You can use it to set comma separated State drop-down values that the tax will be applied to. If you need the tax applied only to Alaska – insert Alaska in State values field.

Now the tax will be applied only for the customer that selects Alaska in State drop-down.