Order Form Purchase Total

This feature is a part of Single Product Order Form. Click here to see all Single Product Order Form features.

The Purchase Total configuration is located at Products > Settings > Order Form under the blue Edit Form Fields button.

You can find the Purchase Total Type switch on the bottom of additional settings in checkout customizer screen:

Order Form Checkout Additional Settings

You can set the purchase total to be simple or detailed. The purchase total is displayed right before the order submit button under the checkout fields.

The purchase total is being automatically recalculated without any page reload when the customer changes any paid options (e.g. shipping).

Simple Purchase Total

The simple purchase total shows only one total value calculated.

Simple Order Purchase Total

Detailed Purchase Total

The detailed purchase total shows all parts of the calculation: product total, shipping total and price effects.

Detailed Order Purchase Total

The shipping cost calculation is shown only if the shipping is enabled and applies to the product being ordered.

The additional options calculation is shown only if there are any checkout fields with price effects set and the customer has chosen those additional paid options.

Purchase Total Labels

All purchase total labels are fully customizable in Products > Settings > Front-end Labels > Order Form.

Detailed Purchase Total Labels Settings

Disable Detailed Purchase Total Element

You can disable any of the detailed purchase total calculation rows. Make the label empty in Front-end labels settings and the calculation for this particular element will be disabled.