How the Order Confirmation Email Looks Like?

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The eCommerce Product Catalog order confirmation email has the same data as configured for the order form.

See the Notification / Confirmation email example:



Product name: Custom Product Order

Product price: $29.00
Product quantity: 1
Order sum: $29.00

First name: John
Last name: Smith
Email address:
Billing Name: John Smith
Street Address: 1 fleet st.
ZIP / Postal Code: TQ 234DS
City: Torquay
Country: UK

The same notification is sent to the customer and to the eCommerce Product Catalog admin email set in order form settings. The only element that differs is the email sender name and email.

The notification email for the admin

The notifications email sender is set to customer email so you can easily respond to this email to start a conversation with the customer.

The confirmation email for the customer

The confirmations email sender is the email set in order form settings so the customer can respond to it and start a conversation with eCommerce Product Catalog owner.

When you are using any Payment Gateway than the confirmation email will also have a payment URL or payment instructions for the customer.