How the Order Form Looks Like?

This feature is a part of Single Product Order Form. Click here to see all Single Product Order Form features.

First the order form fields can be configured in product settings. The number of fields, the labels, field comments and the required setting. All of this you can configure in Product Settings.

The form output differs from theme to theme. It is designed to fully match your theme design. What is more the order form is 100% customisable with your theme CSS.

Order Form Sections

The order form is divided into three sections:

  1. Order summary – shows product name, price, quantity and total;
  2. Customer info – shows first name, last name, custome email and phone number (the fields show up only if selected in product settings);
  3. Billing details – shows billing name, street address, Zip / Postal code, City, County (again the field show up only if selected);

All the labels in Customer Info and Billing details are 100% adjustable in Product Settings.

See the order form example:

Order Form Design

Remember that this is just an example of the form that we are using on impleCode website. You can fully adjust your form using the theme CSS.

See order form fields configuration