Order Form Fields Configuration

This feature is a part of Single Product Order Form. Click here to see all Single Product Order Form features.

The order form fields configuration screen is located in Products > Settings > Order Form under Order Form Fields section.

Order Form Edit Button

The drag & drop form editor appears after Edit Form Fields button click.

The form can have unlimited amount of various fields. The following fields types can be added:

  • Section
  • Text
  • Paragraph
  • Radio buttons
  • Dropdown
  • Number
  • Email
  • Address
  • Checkboxe
  • Date
  • Time
  • Website
  • Price

For every field you can set following options:

  1. Label
  2. Description
  3. Min
  4. Max
  5. Size
  6. Required or not
  7. Price effect

See how the configuration screen looks like:

Form Drag & Drop Editor

You can add/delete/edit any form fields with simple buttons and your mouse cursor. The form is completely customisable.

When you are ready with your order form hit save. That’s it, now the form will look exactly like is designed in the settings.

Checkout field Price Effect

You can add price effects for any checkbox, radio button or drop-down. Each option can have positive or negative value assigned.

When the customer selects a value with price effect the assigned value will be added or deducted from the order total.