Custom Product Sorting

This feature is a part of Custom Product Order. Click here to see all Custom Product Order features.

Use Product Order Priority box on product edit/add page to sort eCommerce Product Catalogs products in custom order. By default it is located under product shipping box.

Custom Product Order

The order priority box is a simple way to set the products order in product catalogs pages.

The priority works for all products listings, even those created with shortcode. Also the products on category pages will be placed in custom order.

Set featured products

With product order priority box you can set the products to stay always on top of any product list. By default new products get a priority 10. So the new products will show up always under the products with higher priority (lower priority number).

Enable Product Order Priority Box

To see the order priority box on product add/edit page you will need to enable it first. Please go to Product Settings and find the product order radio buttons. To enable the order priority box swich to Sort by Priority setting.

Sort Product by Priority

The default order will be by priority set in the box for each product but the user will still be able to change the order with a drop-down on product list (if enabled).