Edit product location template

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The product location info template can be edited in Products -> Settings -> Product Locations.

Product Locations Template

The template editor supports text, HTML and shortcodes.

Locations template shortcodes

4 product location related shortcodes are available:

  • [location_address] – will display the address field
  • [location_form] – will display a location contact form. The notification email is submitted to the email connected with the location
  • [location_email] – displays the location email link. Use attribute link=”0″ to display plain email address.
  • [location_phone] – displays the location phone link. Use attribute link=”0″ to display plain phone number.

Template examples

Default template (shows location address and contact form):


For product contact person:

For more information, contact [location_name]

For storage location:

Product available in [location_name]
Order now by phone or email: