Product Catalogs Admin Screens

Every product catalog enabled will have separate admin screen and menu. Lets say that we enabled two additional catalogs: Flowers and T-Shirts. Now we will have three catalogs: The default catalog where we will have a mix of all kinds of products Flowers catalog where we put only our flowers T-Shirts catalog where we put […]

Add a Product to a Given Catalog

Each product catalog has a separate menu in WordPress admin. That means it is a completely separate product catalog with separate settings and categories. Lets say that we have created 2 additional catalogs: Flowers and T-Shirts. The product related part of WordPress menu we look as follows: If we want to add new flower to […]

Moving Products Between Catalogs

Sometimes we need to move a products from one product catalog into another. It’s as easy as selecting a drop-down. Every product edit/add page has a drop-down that indicates in which catalog the product currently exists. The Product Catalog drop-down is located in the Publish box. Choose a product catalog with the drop-down to move the […]

Manage Breadcrumbs for Additional Catalog

Each additional catalog can have disabled or enable product breadcrumbs. Also the breadcrumbs title for product listing can be set differently for every product catalog. The breadcrumbs settings for a particular product catalog are located in Product Settings > Multiple Catalogs. Every catalog has its individual name (or ID if name is not set). Find […]

Categories Parent for Additional Product Catalog

Every product catalog that will use categories should have a product category parent URL set. If not that the default value will appear there. To define a category parent for an additional catalog please go to Product Settings > Multiple Catalogs and find the catalog for which you need to change or set the category […]

Set a Separate Listing Page for Additional Catalog

Each catalog enabled can have different listing page. Also each catalog can have the listing page enabled or disabled (when you prefer to show products with a shortcode). To select a product listing page for additional catalog please go to Product Settings > Multiple Catalogs and find the settings for the catalog that you want […]

Enable Multiple Catalogs

You can enable unlimited amount of completely separate catalogs. Each catalog will have separate product categories, WordPress menu and settings. To set the number of additional product catalogs to enable please go to Product Settings > Multiple Catalogs and set the number in the first section. Press Update button when you set the desired number […]

Change Limited Attributes Values

You can change the attributes values at any time. It is also possible to add new values to appear in a drop-down for any attribute. To change the attribute value please go to Product Settings > Product Attributes and find the attribute that you want to change values for in the attributes table. You can […]

Limit Attribute Values

It is possible to limit possible attribute values. It is usefull when you want to make attribute assign process quicker or limit the attributes values for Product Catalog manager (it will prevent from assigning different values than initially planned). To limit the attribute values please go to Product Settings > Product Attributes. In the attributes […]