Disable Another Categories

To disable “another categories” feature that appears on every product page on the bottom please go to Product Settings > Catalog Design > Product Page and find the Product Page Elements section. To disable this feature check the Disable Another Categories checkbox and save the settings.

Show Description right after short description

You can move the descrition part right after short description (before price, shipping and attributes). This setting is located in Product Settings > Catalog Design > Product Page inside Product Page Elements section. To enable it please check the Show Description after Short Description checkbox and save the settings.

Disable Short Description

To disable short description on product page please go to Product Settings > Catalog Design > Product Page and find Disable Short Description checkbox inside Product Page Elements section. After this setting is enabled the product short description will no longer appear on product page. It may be used only on product listing if you are using […]

Edit Next & Previous Product URLs labels

To edit the default Next & Previous Product URLs labels please go to Product Settings > Front-end Labels and find Next Product and Previous Product settings in the table. You can change the labels to whenever you need. After you save the settings the new labels will be applied.

Next & Previous Product URLs on Top

To show Next & Previous Product URLs on the top of product page please find the Product Settings > Catalog Design > Product Page settings page. You will see there Product Page Elements and Next & Previous product URLs on top checkbox in it. After you check the checkbox the Next & Previous product URLs will appear […]

Thank You for a Great 2014!

2014 is the year when the impleCode project came to life. The website started in March with a couple of pages about eCommerce Product Catalog plugin. eCommerce Product Catalog was released in January. It was my first WordPress plugin released to the public repository for free and it remains the only one. Before releasing to […]

Translating impleCode Plugins

In the past months I was getting countless request for plugin translations. Until today we had to exchange the .po files thru the email. It was very time consuming. Since today everything changes. We just set up a translation platform for our plugins. We used GlotPress, the same system that is set up on WordPress.org […]

Product Sorting

To set a default product sorting method you will need to go to Product Settings and find Product Order radio buttons. Switch between options to adjust the product order to your needs. Product Order Drop Down Your visitors now will see your choosen sorting method by default but they will be able to change it […]

Random Product Order

Ordering products randomly is as simple as switching a radio button. To do it please go to Product Settings. On the general settings you will find Product Order section. To enable random product order just swich to Sort Randomly option. That’s it!