How the Order Form Looks Like?

First the order form fields can be configured in product settings. The number of fields, the labels, field comments and the required setting. All of this you can configure in Product Settings. The form output differs from theme to theme. It is designed to fully match your theme design. What is more the order form […]

Order Form Fields Configuration

The order form fields configuration screen is located in Products > Settings > Order Form under Order Form Fields section. The drag & drop form editor appears after Edit Form Fields button click. The form can have unlimited amount of various fields. The following fields types can be added: Section Text Paragraph Radio buttons Dropdown Number Email […]

Set Catalog Thank You Page

Product catalog thank you page configuration can be found in Product Settings > Order Form. To set the catalog thank you page please use the Thank You Page drop-down in the first section of the order form settings. Thank you page shortcode In order to show the payment confirmation message and process the payment (if you […]

Set Product Catalog Checkout Page

To set catalog checkout page please go to Product Settings > Order Form (on the left menu in General Settings tab). The first section of Order Form Settings is Order Form Pages. Use the Order Form Page drop-down to select the page which will show the order form. Order form shortcode After the eCommerce Product […]

Show sales in sidebar

You can show current sales with a Product Discounts Widget. To place a widget please go to WordPress widgets page (Appearance > Widgets) and find a Product Discounts widget on the left. Than drag and drop into the desired sidebar. The Product Discounts widget has an option to exclude certain products by ID. When you set […]

Show sales with a shortcode

You can use a shortcode to promote a product with a discount applied. To place a promo box use the [[promo_box]]. You can place it anywhere on the website and it will show a random product with the discount applied. That means if there are no available products with a discount the shortcode will show […]

Select a discount quantity

To set a discount that applies from certain quantity please go to Products and choose a product on which you want to apply the discount. On the discount edit/add screen find the Product Discount box. After you set the percentage discount or a new discount price please select a quantity from which the discount will […]

Apply a new discount price

To apply a new discount price for a certain product please go to Products and select the product for wich you want to apply the discount. On the product edit/add page find the Product Discounts box. In the discount box please switch the discount type to “=”. Enter the new discount price in the discount value […]

Apply a percentage discount

To apply a percentage discount for a particular product please go to Products and select the product on which you would like to apply the discount. On the product edit/add page you can find a discount box: Switch a discount type to “%” and enter the discount value (20 for 20% discount, 30 for 30%  etc.). […]

New Product Discounts Extension Available

Today I have a great news. Finally we made available long awaited exension: Product Discounts. With this extension you can apply discounts to aby product. It can be percentage discount or a new discount price. You can also specify the quantity from which the discount applies. New Product Discount box With this extension the product […]