Show submenus on mobile

This feature is a part of Catalog Me! – Responsive Product Theme. Click here to see all Catalog Me! – Responsive Product Theme features.

By default Catalog Me! theme doesn’t show submenus on small screens. All the user will see is the main menu elements.

To display submenus on mobile use the following custom CSS in Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS:

@media (max-width: 1000px) {
   #site-navigation .menu li {
     display: block;

   #site-navigation .menu .sub-menu {
      display: block;
      float: none;
      position: relative;
      top: initial;
      left: initial;
      background-color: transparent;
      padding: 0;
      padding-left: 30px;
      box-shadow: none;

   .menu li ul.sub-menu:before {
      display: none;