Inventory Manager

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Set the product available quantity and automatically manage it when sold.

Fully compatible with Shopping Cart extension.

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How inventory manager works?

A new inventory box will appear in your product edit/add screen:

Inventory Available Quantity Box

Here is what will happen when you set the product quantity:

  • When the box is empty: “in stock” message will appear on the product page, it means unlimited quantity available
  • When the quantity is set to zero: “not available” message will appear on the product page
  • When the quantity is set to any positive number: the product page will show the number of items available

Compatible with Shopping Cart extension

If you have the Shopping Cart extension active the system will automatically deduct the available quantity when the order status is set to paid.

How the order status can be set to paid?

  1. When you have any of the payment gateways enabled it will be set automatically when the payment is confirmed
  2. You can change it manually on the orders admin screen

Premium Plugin = Premium Support

This WordPress Premium Extension comes with Premium Support service (worth $19.99). As a Premium Support member you get:

  1. One year of high quality and speedy support from our team of WordPress experts.
  2. Guaranteed reply in less than 24 hours! Normally in less than 1 hour.
  3. Available 24h of every working day!
  4. Fast, thorough and professional replies for all plugin issues.
  5. Ideal for business websites and websites that generate income as our swift replies ensure that all issues are addressed and corrected as quickly as possible.

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This eCommerce Product Catalog extension is a WordPress plugin, which you can upload and install through your WordPress dashboard under the Plugins menu.

Automatic Updates & Support

With the files you will get license key for one year of automatic updates and support.

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