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Product Catalog tools will add many useful features to your setup.

With these extensions you will be able to improve the import and export options, add PDF files to your items, improve search and filtering options, customize pages from the dashboard and many more.

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Customize multiple image product gallery and use product slider.
Customize product pages with simple settings.
Set auctions with Quote Cart.
Display a color picker connected to separate product image.
Manage and create users and catalog visibility options depending on.
Calculates shipping based on Shopping Cart total and checkout.
Set available dates for order pickup Set available time frames for.
Sell printable coupons for your products or for certain value.
Apply free gifts to products and categories Set the minimum cart.

Compatible with various WordPress plugins:


All our solutions are compatible with or without the WooCommerce Catalog Booster plugin.

eCommerce Product Catalog

The best if you are starting with your catalog development.

Product Catalog Simple

This is a simple solution for an extendable custom post type to create your catalog.