Compare Products

The catalog product comparison feature is disabled by default. In order to enable it please go to Catalog Settings > Attributes screen. You will find the comparison option below the attributes table: To enable the comparison feature you will need a page where you want to product comparison to appear. If you don’t have such […]

Catalog theme integration

The catalog offers 4 different ways to integrate it with your theme: Shortcode integration Shortcode integration is enabled by default for most of the themes. If you place the [show_product_catalog] shortcode on your main catalog page (this page can be defined in general catalog settings) the layout for all the catalog pages will be the […]

Responsive Catalog Sidebar

You will find the responsive sidebar visibility options in Catalog > Settings > Product Sidebar menu. You can choose to hide the sidebar on small screens or show a small icon that will show the sidebar after clicked/touched. It will show up on the right or left side of the screen (according to your sidebar […]

Product Variation Custom Field

By default product variations show up as drop-downs near the add to cart button. You can also define a variation to become a custom text field. It will look like that for the customer: As you can see in the screenshot above the customer can insert any value in the ‘length’ field. This is defined […]

Show Product Search Big Field

You can show the product search as a big, full width field. The Big Product Search widget can be found in Appearance > Widgets. The best widget area to place it is the Product Filters bar. As soon as you place is there it will look like this:

Show product search suggestions

The search suggestions can be enabled for the Big Product Search widget. You will find this widget on your Appearance > Widgets screen: When you check the ‘Show Suggestions’ checkbox the suggestions will show up when typing a search phrase:  

Change Catalog Template

Let’s first see how our main product listing looks like. In order to do it we will click the ‘See Main Catalog Listing’ button: Default Main Catalog Listing By default the main catalog listing will have ‘products’ slug. It means that you will find it under We will customize it later. For now let’s […]

Getting Started with Paytrail

The Paytrail Gateway plugin (formerly Suomen Verkkomaksut) extends the product catalog allowing you to take payments via Paytrail payment portal. You need to register for a contract with Paytrail to use this plugin. If you didn’t install the gateway yet go to your WordPress dashboard > Catalog > Extensions and click install near the Paytrail Gateway extension. Paytrail Setup As […]