Show product search suggestions

The search suggestions can be enabled for the Big Product Search widget. You will find this widget on your Appearance > Widgets screen: When you check the ‘Show Suggestions’ checkbox the suggestions will show up when typing a search phrase:  

Change Catalog Template

Let’s first see how our main product listing looks like. In order to do it we will click the ‘See Main Catalog Listing’ button: Default Main Catalog Listing By default the main catalog listing will have ‘products’ slug. It means that you will find it under We will customize it later. For now let’s […]

Getting Started with Paytrail

The Paytrail Gateway plugin (formerly Suomen Verkkomaksut) extends the product catalog allowing you to take payments via Paytrail payment portal. You need to register for a contract with Paytrail to use this plugin. If you didn’t install the gateway yet go to your WordPress dashboard > Catalog > Extensions and click install near the Paytrail Gateway extension. Paytrail Setup As […]

Set Catalog Currency

By default the catalog price is enabled with currency set to USD with a custom currency symbol to $. In order to change it go to Catalog General Settings. You will find the ‘Payment and Currency’ section on the bottom of the page. Use the ‘Your currency’ drop-down to find your currency and change or […]

Change catalog URLs

By default the main catalog listing is created with ‘products’ slug. This slug is also a parent for each product listing page. When you change the main product listing page slug also all your product URL will change. In order to modify the main product listing page slug: Go to you main product listing page […]

Getting started

If you didn’t install and activate the plugin yet please see the installation guide and come back here later. First step after catalog activation The first thing you will see after plugin activation is an information box on the top of the screen. If you don’t see the box please deactivate the plugin and activate […]

Customer Accounts

In order to automatically create the customer account on the first order please switch the ‘remember fields by’ to ‘User Account’. This option is located in shopping cart settings screen, inside the ‘form settings’ section. After that please make sure that your ‘User Email template’ in shopping cart settings has the [account_info]  shortcode included. It will […]

Shopping Cart Widget

The shopping cart widget can be added to any of your registered widget areas. The output will show the shopping cart button with a number of products added to cart. Hide empty shopping cart If you check the ‘Hide Empty’ checkbox the cart button will stay hidden until something is added to cart. Custom checkout […]

Quote Cart Checkout Customizer

The quote cart checkout customizer is located in Products > Settings > Quote Cart under the blue Edit Checkout Fields button. Add new checkout form field Use the form fields buttons on the right side to add new fields. The following fields are available: Section Text Paragraph Radio buttons Dropdown Number Email Address Checkboxe Date Time Website Price […]