Quote Cart Content Widget

You can display the cart content details with the Quote Cart widget: It will display the products and the quantity added to the cart once you check the ‘Show Contents’ checkbox.

Checkout email notification shortcodes

You can use the WordPress shortcode in the Shopping Cart or Quote Cart email notification body and title. The following checkout email notification-specific shortcodes are available: [customer_details] – displays the ordered products table [payment_details] – displays the checkout form field values table [edit_order_url] – for the admin email, returns the URL to edit the order, […]

Add a different link or button to each product

In affiliate mode, you can enable the option to add a different button URL to each product. You can achieve it in Catalog Settings > Affiliate Button: Once you check the Unique URL for each Product checkbox, you will see a new box on each product edit screen: The default value for the Button URL […]

Set the default affiliate button URL

You can set the default affiliate button URL in Catalog Settings > Affiliate Button: You can set any URL for your affiliate buttons. This way, you can quickly assign the same URL for each product. As an addition, you can force the default URL even if the URL is cleared for the product with the […]

Enable Affiliate Mode

You can enable the Affiliate mode in Catalog Settings > General section: After you enable it, you will see a new Affiliate Button settings section in Catalog Settings > General in the left side menu: