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Accept Credit Card payments with Paytrail (formerly Suomen Verkkomaksut) secure card processing.

Paytrail contains online banking buttons to all Finnish banks and card payment

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This payment gateway can be used in 3 different configurations:

  1. Standalone extension which adds a CSS customizable buy now button on every product page with price set which points directly to secure Paytrail payment processing.
  2. With Order Form extension the gateway will add a card payment option in checkout.
  3. With Shopping Cart extension the gateway will add a card payment option in checkout

Paytrail Payment Options

Who is Paytrail?

  • Established in June 2007 as ‘Suomen Verkkomaksut’.
  • Their turnover has seen amazing yearly growth, enabling them to serve you better and better.
  • They have over 50 experts, each one is a real gem.
  • Their headquarters are in Jyväskylä, Finland.
  • They are a licensed payment institution.
  • They help 10 000+ webshops and online services in several countries to provide a pleasant shopping experience to their customers.
  • More than two billion euros have passed through their system.
  • They are part of Nets.
  • They make online shopping easier, no matter where your customer is!

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