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$4.08 / month
or from
$14.92 / month
in a deal package with 4 other extensions of your choice.

The product catalog design extensions will add new product listing template to the 3 default available. The premium listing templates will give you even more options to enhance the product catalog.

Your catalog will get a new look in seconds!

Show product page content directly from the product listing.
Display products as a categorized list.
Grid style, customizable product listing.
Additional styling options for the Modern Grid Display details on.
List style, customizable product listing.
Show products in nicely formatted table.
Simple grid product listing for products without image.
Premium product listing grid with image on the left side.
Activates more configuration settings for Classic Grid theme.

Compatible with various WordPress plugins:


All our solutions are compatible with or without the WooCommerce Catalog Booster plugin.

eCommerce Product Catalog

The best if you are starting with your catalog development.

Product Catalog Simple

This is a simple solution for an extendable custom post type to create your catalog.