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Get your customers fast into your products with attributes filtering. Give your product catalog manager fast and effective way of attributes assignment.

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Product Attributes Pro provides you with advanced backend and frontend attributes features.

Product Attributes PRO extension meets many important objectives

  • Adds attributes filters feature for your customers
  • Speeds up attributes assign process
  • Limits available values for specific attributes
  • Gives hidden attribute option and possibility to set different styling on product listing based on attribute selection
  • Introduces date attribute – now you can show most recent and future products by any date attribute

Front-end Attributes Filters

Product attributes filters will let your customers get into your offer in fast and effective way. It allows to filter the product listing by any attributes available in currently displayed listing.

The attributes filter widget will show multiple drop downs with possible attribute filtering options. You can filter the products by any defined attributes e.g. color, size, weight.

You can use the attributes filter on any sidebar. The filter also works on shortcode output if desired.

Product Attributes Flters Dropdowns

Backend Attributes Selectors

Products attributes pro extension provides new way of attributes selection on product edit page.

Now you can limit the possible attributes values and let the product catalog manager to select available options with drop-downs, radio buttons or checkboxes.

Product Attributes Assignment Pro

Assign Drop-down attributes values

Drop-down Attributes Settings

Additional column appears in product attributes settings. Those attributes with drop-down values assigned (every value in new line) becomes drop-down attributes.

Assign selected attributes with dropdown

Drop-down Attributes Box

Attributes with assigned drop-down values can be selected with drop-down on product edit/add page.

Date Attribute

Assign any attributes to be a date. This will allow you to show recent and future products based on selected date attribute.

Date Attribute Assignment

Hidden Attributes

Product Attributes PRO shows first 3 attributes as CSS classes on product listing so you can style the product according to the selected attributes values e.g. new, sale.

That is why you can define some attributes to be hidden.

How this WordPress plugin works?

  1. Activate the extension;
  2. Go to Product Settings > Product Attributes;
  3. Define your attributes values.
  4. Go to widgets and place the attributes filter somewhere on your website
  5. That’s it. Enjoy sales & beauty!

Premium Plugin = Premium Support

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  1. One year of high quality and speedy support from our team of WordPress experts.
  2. Guaranteed reply in less than 24 hours! Normally in less than 1 hour.
  3. Available 24h of every working day!
  4. Fast, thorough and professional replies for all plugin issues.
  5. Ideal for business websites and websites that generate income as our swift replies ensure that all issues are addressed and corrected as quickly as possible.

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This eCommerce Product Catalog Extension is a WordPress plugin, which you can upload and install through your WordPress dashboard under the Plugins menu or in the Products > Extensions.

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