WordPress Consulting Policy

When you would like to order some custom plugins or another programming job from impleCode, following rules apply:

  1. Trust is the foundation for every single rule that we apply. The rules are set to make things clear, to not confuse you and to make our partnership easy and comfortable for both parties.
  2. For every custom plugin for WordPress you will need support. Support means answering your questions and providing security & maintenance updates. Without the updates you cannot safely update WordPress core or main plugin which you want to customize. For every plugin you get 1 year of premium support. You will get support license key so you can perform automatic updates from our server (for the plugins we provide). You can extend premium support after the first year. The pricing will vary between projects.
  3. For the projects outside of WordPress the support will be provided according to our agreements. The support will depend on the scope of the project.
  4. For majority of small projects delivery time is three working days (we work from Monday till Friday UTC+01:00). If we need more time we will inform you. If you find any bug in the delivered functionalities we will provide an update within 2 working days (most time it will be a couple of hours).
  5. Generally the support you get is for one website. If you need that for more websites please specify this in the query. Support license will allow you to get automatic updates and support for specified websites. You can change the websites maximum once a month.
  6. You can communicate with us by email or phone. When you send us a query on contact page  you will get response from one of our developers with his email address and phone number.
  7. General rule is 100% payment upfront. Full upfront payment is both the most convenient for customers and the most efficient way to provide our services. Our experience shows that the result of 100% upfront payment are lower prices and a better overall experience for customers. If you have any different reason to break this rule than confidence in our services please specify it in the query. If it is all about trust we are sorry to hear that, maybe there is something we have done (or not) that caused this? Do not hesitate to tell us.
  8. The development plan will be always made in detail. After you specify your needs we will prepare the development plan for you. You can confirm it or add your own comments. This development plan states exactly what will the software do and how it will look like.

Summing up, we always remain friendly, civilized and professional. We are here for you dear customer and we always provide support and assistance. If the service is completed but something is not right, write or call, we will explain and improve it on our cost. If something from our side went wrong, write or call – certainly it will be compensated to you.

We provide professional services, custom WordPress plugins and software programming. At impleCode, we take very seriously our responsibility to our customers and the communities in which we do business. We are putting our face, name and brand on your satisfaction, so contact us whenever you need it!

impleCode founder
Norbert Dreszer