Product Gallery Advanced

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Customize multiple image product gallery and use product slider.

Add multiple product images and show them using robust slider or beautiful lightbox presentation.

Set images size, position or enable full width product gallery with just one click.

Additional images will appear under the main image and will show up within the lightbox gallery or product slider.

Updates & Support Options

Choose license key type:

The license gives access to automatic updates and premium support for one year.

You will get a 30% discount for another year. The renewal is 100% optional but recommended. The plugin will work the same after the license is expired.

Risk-free: 30-day money back guarantee included. License FAQ

Product Gallery Advanced allows you to set unlimited product images, enable product slider and set custom lightbox settings with various styles and size. Fast, user friendly experience.

With Product Gallery Advanced extension it is possible to add unlimited product images with some robust additions:

  • Main image is lightboxed with customized size and position;
  • Additional images appear under main image or full width;
  • Additional images are also lightboxed with next/previous feature.
  • Can replace gallery with product slider – 16 transition types and 4 slider themes
  • Customizable lightbox window with 3 more themes and 2 more transition types

Product Gallery Advanced Features

Unlimited product images

Additional Images Slots

After main image is added more slots appear for additional images.

Easily delete images

Delete Gallery Images

Delete each one additional image separately or all images at once.

Select Multiple Images

Aelect All Images

Add images quickly – add multiple product images at once.

Show Lightbox Gallery

Advanced Gallery Front-end

Additional images will appear under the main product image. Additional images will be included in lightbox gallery.

Enable Product Slider

Product Slider

Replace gallery with robust product slider with just one click. 4 slider themes and up to 16 transition types available.

Product Slider Settings

Advanced Gallery Front-end

Apart from slider theme and transition type you can adjust its size, animation speed, pause time and disable controls.

Advanced Gallery Settings

Product Slider

Set maximum number of images per product, gallery size and number of columns. With gallery size setting you can set product gallery to full width.

Advanced Lightbox Settings

Advanced Gallery Front-end

3 additional lighbox themes and 2 more transition types to choose from. Also can customize lightbox size in 100% to fully suit your needs.

Product Slider Shortcode

Use product slider shortcode to show product images slider anywhere on your website!

How this WordPress plugin works?

  1. Install & activate the plugin
  2. Add additional images to products
  3. That’s it. Enjoy sales & beauty!

Premium Plugin = Premium Support

This WordPress Premium Extension comes with Premium Support service (worth $19.99). As a Premium Support member you get:

  1. One year of high quality and speedy support from our team of WordPress experts.
  2. Guaranteed reply in less than 24 hours! Normally in less than 1 hour.
  3. Available 24h of every working day!
  4. Fast, thorough and professional replies for all plugin issues.
  5. Ideal for business websites and websites that generate income as our swift replies ensure that all issues are addressed and corrected as quickly as possible.

Please see our Support Policy.


This eCommerce Product Catalog extension is a WordPress plugin, which you can upload and install through your WordPress dashboard under the Plugins menu.

Automatic Updates & Support

With the files you will get license key for one year of automatic updates and support.

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