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Get buy now orders for your priced products. Boost your eCommerce Product Catalog conversion rate with innovative, fully customisable order form.

This powerful extension allows you to sell individual products by adding order button into each product page. Best when you need to offer one product at a time.

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The difference between Order Form and Shopping Cart is that the second allows to order multiple products. Order form (checkout) is already included in Shopping Cart. Order Form extension is useful if you want to limit the checkout to one product at a time (in such case you don’t need Shopping Cart).

Order Form in WordPress Menu

Order Form Features

Define order form pages

Order Form Pages

Set on which page the order form is placed and thank you page, where the user is redirected after the order is done.

Configure order form button

Order Form Button

Set order button text, style and position. You can display order button on every product page near the price and after the description.

Define order form email settings

Order Form Email Settings

You can configure on which email address you will get your orders notifications and what will be the email address and name to send notifications to client.

 Show modern country field

Country Choose

Boost form usability with modern drop-down with search box. Choosing a country in order form was never easier!

Define Order Form fields

Order Form Editor Customizer
Each field has 4 settings to choose: field label, required, size and field comment. You can fully customise your order form with unique drag & drop editor.

Show Order Form fields

Order Form
Place order form with show_form shortcode. Order form by default is divided into 3 sections: order summary, personal details and billing details.

Settings available for each order form field:

  • field label – set the labels as you need. Some defaults are set, such as first name, last name, customer email, phone number, billing name, street address, postcode, city and country. Change them for your needs;
  • display field – enable or disable certain fields for the form;
  • required – set the field as required or not;
  • field comment – set the comment for each field. It will show up in the form near the field.

Order form default sections

3 order form sections are defined by default. You can rename them, move around, delete and create new ones with order form builder feature.

Order Form First SectionFirst section shows the order summary: product name, price, quantity and order sum. This is calculated from selected values on product page.
Order Form Second SectionSecond order form section is basic information about customer: first name, last, name and email address.
Order Form Third SectionThe third order form section are billing details: billing name, street, postcode, city and country.

Edit Order Email Templates

Once the user makes the order two emails are sent. One to the defined email address in order form settings and one to the customer. Both email templates are fully customisable.

Order Form Email Templates Editor

You can write anything in the email template editor fields and the emails will look exactly as desired. Place the [customer_detals] shortcode to display the values inserted in Order Form.

Build you Order Form with Drag and Drop editor

With Order Form extension you can fully customize your order form. You can add / edit / move around the form fields. You can select their size, labels, description.

Order Form Builder and Customizer

This makes the Order Form extension the ultimate choice. You can achieve any goal with this one.

Tax Calculation

Order Form can calculate tax in checkout.

Set any tax rate and limit it to any checkout drop-down value. You can limit the tax calculation to country, state or any other drop-down value.

Another Order Form plugin features

  • when the order is placed the notification is sent to defined email address. The confirmation has all the order fields data: product, quantity, price and the customer input.
  • WordPress Order Form plugin is extendable with payment gateways available on impleCode website.
  • Order Form is extendable with EU orders plugin
  • Integration with Smart Multiple Catalogs let you define multiple order forms
  • 100% compatible with Product Discounts extension
  • place your order form anywhere on the website with a shortcode
  • Order Form will handle shipping if enabled

How this WordPress plugin works?

  1. Fill all the settings like order form fields, button placement, order form page and notification emails;
  2. User clicks order button on the product page;
  3. Order page appears with order summary and order form. User is asked to fill all the fields that are set in the form settings.
  4. After the form is validated the notification is sent to the email address provided in the settings and the confirmation email is sent to the email provided by the user.
  5. That’s it. Enjoy sales & beauty!

Premium Plugin = Premium Support

This WordPress Premium Extension comes with Premium Support service (worth $19.99). As a Premium Support member you get:

  1. One year of high quality and speedy support from our team of WordPress experts.
  2. Guaranteed reply in less than 24 hours! Normally in less than 1 hour.
  3. Available 24h of every working day!
  4. Fast, thorough and professional replies for all plugin issues.
  5. Ideal for business websites and websites that generate income as our swift replies ensure that all issues are addressed and corrected as quickly as possible.

Please see our Support Policy.


This eCommerce Product Catalog Extension is a WordPress plugin, which you can upload and install through your WordPress dashboard under the Plugins menu.


Can I define my own fields to the order form?
Yes! You can define unilimited amount of order form fields with different labels and field types.

Does impleCode Order Form support Smart Multiple Catalogs?
Yes. For each catalog you can define completely different order form.

Does this WordPress Order Form support any payment gateway?
Yes. Order Form is extendable with any impleCode payment gateway.

Can I define any additional fields to the order form?
Yes! You can define unlimited amount of fields: checkboxes, radio buttons, date, address, price, text field, drop down etc.

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