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Get product quotes directly from product pages.
Get buy now orders for your priced products.
Allow visitors to send a quote for multiple products at a time.
Full featured shopping cart with advanced customization options.
Sell printable coupons for your products or for certain value.
Apply and show percentage or value discounts.
Manage product locations and get quotes to multiple inboxes.
Accept PayPal payments.
Accept Credit Card payments with 2Checkout secure card processing.
Sort products by attributes, price or custom order.
Quickly attach multiple PDF files to products.
Customize product pages with simple settings.
Customize multiple image product gallery and use product slider.
Create completely separate, multiple catalogs on one website.
Include product category in product pages URL.
Provide product search by name, description, SKU & attributes.
Get your customers fast into your products with attributes.
Manage product manufacturers & brands in separate screen.
Import, export & update products all fields via spreadsheet.
Set unlimited amount of different prices per product.
Grid style, customizable product listing.
List style, customizable product listing.
Simple grid product listing for products without image.


Something is missing?

Still nothing? Go ahead and tell us. It is very likely that we will develop it immediately.

impleCode’s WordPress plugins are focused around effective product presentation on WordPress blog or website.

impleCode software is planned with less is more philosophy. That’s why it is powerful & simple at the same time.

Expect high quality code which is great value not only for Merchants but also for Developers and Theme Constructors.

1. Add your products
2. Choose your style
3. That’s it. Enjoy sales & beauty!

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