WordPress Plugins by impleCode

impleCode’s WordPress plugins are focused around effective product presentation on WordPress blog or website.

impleCode software is planned with less is more philosophy. That’s why it is powerful & simple at the same time.

Expect high quality code which is great value not only for Merchants but also for Developers and Theme Constructors.

1. Add your products
2. Choose your style
3. That’s it. Enjoy sales & beauty!

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eCommerce Product Catalog Extensions

Improve the conversion rate with quote button which redirects to professional product quote form. Just perfect for product catalogs without price.
Let your customers immediately pay for the order. Add PayPal Gateway to your Order Form and boost its conversion rate.
Boost your eCommerce Product Catalog conversion rate with innovative order form. This powerful extension allows you to sell individual products by adding order button into each product page. Best when you need to offer one product at a time.

Set custom product order with new priority feature. Assign featured products and always show them on top of the product list.
Easily attach PDF files to the products. It takes seconds to upload PDF file to the server. File icon will show-up on the product page.
Improve WordPress default search engine to provide better product search results. This awesome extension searches not only product name but also short and long description, plural and singular form.
Set up SEO and USER friendly product page URLs. Add product category in product page URLs.
Add unlimited number of product images and show them in a robust product slider or beautiful lightbox presentation. Set images size, position or enable full width product gallery with just one click. Additional images will appear under the main image and will show up within the lightbox gallery or product slider.
Create completely separate, multiple catalogs at one website. Assign separate categories, parent URLs, manage them from different places and show with unique shortcodes.

Select attributes values with a drop-down. Define default drop-down values for each attribute in product settings. Only selected attributes become drop-down.

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